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good morning! good morning! good morning!
it's time to rise and shine!
good morning! good morning! good morning! 
i hope you're feeling fine!
get out of bed, you sleep head....i forget the rest of the song.
that may sound like a cute little jingle, but i'm haunted by it because my dear mother used to burst into my room and sing it to me nearly every morning before school. it was about 17x too loud (aka it was more than a whisper) and was never-ending. it also made me want to go even further under my sheets, so it didn't really work. i woke up with it in my head and couldn't decide if it was a sign of a good mood, or something worse. 
i'm not entirely sure how it's already the end of the week, but i'll take it! i'm heading out to the suburbs later this afternoon to attend a wedding tomorrow, so i'm looking forward to wrapping things up here and hitting the road!

i'd been contemplating this dresser for awhile (a girl can never have too much storage space), so i finally pulled the trigger this week and am so glad i did. extra storage space = less junk being visible, which is good because i'm in total de-clutter mode. i'm hoping to find some fun drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby to personalize it a bit more to my style, too.

speaking of home stuff, i was in the burbs yesterday to help a friend from college decorate her new home! she reached out to me for help and i was so excited. i've only ever decorated for myself or my mom/sister, so i knew this would be a fun challenge. we had a lot of success yesterday, so i'm looking forward to getting back out there and keeping the momentum going next week! 

i used my second Tan Towel last night in preparation for the wedding on Saturday and i think i'm convinced. it is a darn good product - easy to apply, natural looking, and not streaky. as a self-tanning novice, i'm totally understanding the appeal of adding a little healthy glow. 

i plan on trying out this (new to me) podcast on my drive home today. i'll let you know what i think! 

have a wonderful weekend!