i've changed my hairstyling ways and i'm here to tell you about it! it's a hair update, or a hupdate. or possibly an update about my hair, or a updair. whichever floats your little tiny boat. (just kidding, i'm sure you have a huge boat)
(i haven't even had a sip of caffeine yet. i'm on fire today.)

if you've been around here for awhile, you know that i've shared tutorials in the past using a wand to get my curls. you can see that tutorial here. while i still like using a wand, i've switched back to a curling iron and am really enjoying the softer, more relaxed waves. i still do the trick with using a flatiron on my ends and then curling, which helps create a more uniform look. here's a list of all the products i use for styling:

if you go back through that old tutorial, i do the same exact thing except when you see a wand, i now use a curling iron! it's that simple!