if you read my post on monday, you know that i love a good lazy weekend. if i am going out to do something, though, i enjoy putting together a weekend casual look. for whatever reason, i get a little more adventurous with my outfits on the weekends. weekdays are spent in my home office, usually alone, so i don't put much of any thought into accessorizing or having to pick out which pair of shoes goes best. (let's be honest, it's usually my slippers).  but when Saturday rolls around, you'll find me reaching for my favorite dress or skirt, trying my newest pair of shoes, or going a little bolder with my jewelry. 

in fact, i wore a new dress this past weekend and quickly realized that i need a little kiss from the sun before i start walkin' around showing my legs. you can pretty much see right through them. Mike and I have a wedding to attend next weekend, so i'm thinking about biting the bullet on my first ever spray tan. my skin needs a little glow, but not the kind that allows me to glow in the dark because i'm so fair. i'll keep you updated!