i'm heading out to North Carolina today to visit with my sister and her family for a long weekend. i've been traveling quite a bit more than usual lately, so i've finally mastered the best travel outfit. i like to stick to comfortable basics that can be layered - i always get so cold on airplanes. even in the summer, i find myself bringing a heavy sweater and scarf on planes because i like to bundle up and stay cozy. since i usually check my bag, i like to use a bigger tote bag that can hold my small purse, iPad, water bottle, and anything else i want to bring on the plane with me. i don't like lugging multiple bags around the airport, so a bigger tote that can fit everything in one is key! 

arguably the most important part is footwear. i'm a sneakers girl, so this one is a no-brainer for me. plus, wearing my sneakers allows for more room to pack things in my suitcase, since they're not taking up space in there. 

finally, a little lip tint or blush can go a long way! my lips get dry and i tend to feel kind of scuzzy after getting off a plane, so a little lip tint helps me to feel more pulled together before i get to my final destination. 

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