Hello and happy Monday to ya!

This week is set to be a short one because we're off to South Carolina for Memorial Day Weekend on Thursday (which we cannot wait for). The summer weather arrived just in time for this past weekend, so I was able to bare my fair skin and wear just one layer at a time. I realize now that a Tan Towel would've come in handy a day before these photos were taken. And it also reminds me to use one on Thursday so that I don't create too much of a glare at the pool on Friday.

Anyway, let's talk about this dress for a second. I love how versatile it is. Dressed up with a flashy statement necklace and strappy heels, down with a messy bun and converse, or somewhere in-between with this combination, it works in all ways. It's hard to find things, especially dresses, like that - or at least, it is for me. So, when I tried it on, I knew I had a winner. Plus, I love the forrest green color and that it could be worn as a tunic in the winter. Are you convinced about this dress yet? You should be!

Topshop Dress | Elisabeth Ashlie Necklace | Vince Camuto Bag | Tahari Booties | Elisabeth Ashlie Bangle