I received a comment on Instagram the other day asking for decor ideas for an entryway, so I thought I would share what my entryway looks like right now. It should come as no surprise to you that it hasn't always look this way and, likely, won't look this way forever. (I'm a serial re-arranger/re-decorator). If you're wondering why I didn't just take a photo of my actual entryway and use that, it's a rather small area, so it would be impossible to get a straight-on photo of it. If you saw it in person, though, you would see that it's almost identical to this! 

I love having some kind of table, if I can fit it. It's a great way to fill otherwise dead space, and provides extra storage! Ours has a couple of drawers (instead of baskets) that hold our winter gloves, hats, and other random things. We have a lower shelf that houses our boots in the winter, which leaves plenty of space to walk through the hallway. I like having a coat rack for coats and umbrellas. They can hold a lot without taking up too much space. They're also super mobile, which makes re-arranging even easier. We have some wall hooks on the right side, which are good for bags or light coats. 

I kept the decor pretty simple, since it's mostly a functional space. A simple "hello" sign is a nice greeting when guests walk in, plus a couple of my favorite prints - a map of Chicago and one involving a cat (obviously). Another nice thing about having a table or some kind of tabletop surface is being able to have a lamp. I'm generally opposed to overhead lighting, so being able to have some soft lamp light is a nice finishing touch. 

P.S. If you're looking for a natural/jute rug, this one from World Market is great! I bought the runner first (linked below) and then went back for an 8x10 for my bedroom. They have sales frequently enough that you should be able to get it for a discounted price, too!