I'm not entirely sure how we're almost near the end of official Spring, but we are! We haven't had consistently nice weather in Chicago yet, so it doesn't quite feel like it's as far into the season as it is. Regardless, I have a working list of my favorite things from this Spring that you just might want to know about. 

First of all, this season is totally the season of maxi dresses for me. I didn't have my eye on them last summer, but can't seem to get enough of them this time around. I bought this one for a wedding and can't wait to wear it! I found this one on a separate trip to Nordstrom and it is so comfortable. IT's like wearing air, if that were a thing you could do. I'm really picky about the length of maxi dresses - I like them to be just about the floor, if not touching. This dress hits just above, so it's perfect for me! Plus, it comes in tons of fun colors and patterns. 

I picked up these wedges to wear with the floral maxi dress and they're quite comfortable. They're that good height where you feel like you're wearing heels, but they could easily be worn all day long. 

This tee is one of those perfectly-oversized-without-being-baggy tees. 

What have been your favorite things to wear this Spring?