Guys! It's the middle of June and it's freaking me out. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO FATHER TIME? 

I thought I'd just share a little life stuff, since my post updates here have been a little sparse lately. Summer is always a busy time for me (and likely for most of you!). While I travel a decent amount during the other months, I seem to travel more and for longer during the summer. These are the times that I miss having summers off. Also, mandatory nap time on the regular. Why didn't I appreciate these things when I was a child? Anyway, with traveling over Memorial Day weekend and then being struck down with food poisoning for a week and a half, last week was all about playing catch up with my full-time job, Elisabeth Ashlie. I'm finally feeling caught up and back in a groove...just in time to leave again next week 😅

Mike is taking a Sociology class this summer. Since that was my major for about half of my college career, I told him I'd help him with some of it. I've learned that school is a lot more fun when you're not the one receiving the grade and it doesn't determine whether or not you will graduate. I have a recurring dream that I forgot to go to one of my required classes the entire last semester of college and won't be able to graduate. Yes, that's right, I'm still stressed about school 3 years later...

Summer in Chicago is in full swing and I'm reminded, once again, why it is that I choose to suffer through the winter months here. Mike and I walked to a nearby fro-yo spot for that first time and discovered that it's one of the good ones, so the sidewalk will get to know our footsteps quite well over the next couple months.  

Anyway, this tee shirt gets worn about 3 times a week in these parts. And this bag is the perfect size and I'm always getting compliments on the bright color. And, well, tacos. 

Zara Jeans | Tee | LOFT Duster | Lace-up flats | Bag | Bar Necklace | Long Necklace