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Hello! Happy Friday! Is Friday your favorite day of the week? I think my favorite is either Saturday or Monday. Saturdays, to me, are the ultimate relaxation day. You can sleep in and go to bed late, without having to think about what you're doing the next day. By Monday, though, I'm usually excited to get back to work. My answer would probably be determined by how tired I am when I am asked the question ;) 

Mike, Franklin and I are heading up to Wisconsin tonight for a little weekend away. I've decided to leave Milo at home with my roommate because the trip would be much more stressful on him than it will on Frankie. My parents have two cats that will be at the house, so I'm doing the merciful thing in letting Milo enjoy the peace and quiet...and get extra love from my roommate! We've attempted this trip about 3 times now this summer, so (assuming nothing changes in the next 12 hours) I'm looking forward to finally making it up there! 

I placed my order for a few things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this morning and can't wait for them to arrive! While there's a few stores nearby, I didn't want to mess with stock/sizing issues and all the other people who will likely be in store, so I just ordered all the things I would probably have tried on in the store and will return what doesn't fit or I don't like. I went with these items: these slippers, this jacket, this pretty blouse, this cozy sweatshirt, and these jeans. The only problem is going to be if I love everything and it all fits...deciding what to keep and what to return will be difficult! 

I've been feeling the need to read a book lately. I used to read all the time in college. It wasn't unusual for me to be reading 2-3 books at a time. I've read a couple across the past year or so that were really good, but I miss having something that I get invested in like that (that isn't a TV show)! Have you read any books this summer that you'd recommend? 

Hope you all have a great weekend!