I'm a pink lips kinda girl. I'm not much for the reds, nudes, or corals. True pinks and the occasional bold (and I mean, bold) color are my jam. I struggled with lipstick for a long time because I always felt overdone, my lips dried out, and it only looked good for about 10 minutes. It wasn't until the last two years or so that I really started to enjoy the process of looking for a shade that I like and then actually wearing it!

I have a few that I rotate between on most "lipstick days". They don't dry out my lips, don't make me feel like I'm headed off to prom, and last long enough that I'm not constantly thinking about needed to touch up.

First up is Blushing Pout. I love this color. It's the perfect matte lip that doesn't make me look, well, dead. It's pink enough that it adds some color to my face but the matte helps it to look understated. This is my jeans and a tee shirt lipstick. When I'm running around or if I just need a little pick-me-up to my look, I go for this one. 

This Urban Decay lipstick might be my favorite from the bunch. Might. For literal years, I used the same tinted balm that looked exactly like this, but have had trouble finding it lately. I was so excited when I was able to find a moisturizing, long-lasting, and perfectly pink lipstick that feels like anything but a lipstick. It glides right on and is sheer enough that I could wear it with workout clothes and not feel like a clown.

The Bite Pencil's were just a lucky find. I've loved Bite Beauty for awhile now, so I always check their little section at Sephora. I was in the mood for a new, fun lip color, so I pulled the Velvet pencil out of the display and tried it on. One swipe and I knew it was a winner. It goes on smooth and is highly pigmented. 

The Violet one was a total shot in the dark. I knew I wanted Velvet, so I thought I'd try something really outside the box for me - bright lavender lipstick. I love this color for days when I'm feeling particularly adventurous. Plus, these pencils are so long-lasting. I wore just one application of this color for about 5 hours one day, through eating lunch, and didn't have to re-touch. It's magic, I tell you.

Do you tend towards the brighter colors, or stick to the neutrals?