August, you beautiful thing, you. 

I've been anxiously awaiting the start of a new month, as July was one of the hardest that I've had in quite awhile. For many months, I've been anticipating August to be the busiest of the season. I have exactly one free weekend, which is coming up this weekend, and the rest are fully booked. Mike and I have two weddings and a weekend planned at my lake house for the next three, so this one coming up will be savored and enjoyed. Weekdays will be full, too, as this month is when I like to start planning for holiday season for Elisabeth Ashlie

I think I mentioned before that I'm feeling the need to wear all the summer clothes I can before Fall hits, yes? If I haven't, now you know. I'm a chronic outfit-repeater, so it's been a struggle. BUT I've done better at mixing and matching things than I normally do, so I would consider that a victory. This top, in particular, has been one that is hard to not snatch out of the closet everyday. Although, there were a few days where I was hoping that walking around in a swimsuit was socially acceptable, so a tee shirt was not on my mind. 

Know what's also not on my mind? Breakfast. My stomach isn't growling and I'm not drooling at my desk thinking about eating. Nope, not at all.