If I told you how many of these vests I had to my name, you probably wouldn't believe me. It's a little ridiculous. BUT I wear them all. the. time. I love pairing a vest with my athleisure outfits - leggings and a cozy sweater or sweatshirt. They also go well with ripped jeans and a flannel button-up or oversized sweater. You really can't go wrong!  

I feel like a utility jacket is the most basic, "of course" kind of jacket for the Fall. It's one of those everyday-wear jackets, that you can throw on with just about any outfit and feel good in. Plus, I love the standard green color. I tend to only buy black or neutral outerwear, so my green utility jacket is the only one that I have with color. 

I picked up this jacket last year and loved having it for the Fall and beginning of Winter. Layered over sweaters, with a scarf, it's perfect. I feel just a little bit tougher and stronger when I wear it, so that's an added bonus. 

This kind of option is great for feeling a little more put together. With just a little bit of structure and the standard collar, it looks really cute with a more feminine top and booties. I love layering a scarf over the top, too! 

This quilted jacket style is a classic. I picked this one up on sale for the later months of Fall when there's a winter chill in the air. The rich, buttery color is so, so pretty in person and looks really pretty contraster against dark wash jeans.