I've been anxiously anticipating the arrival of this day because Mike and I fly to Seattle this morning! Neither of us have been to the Pacific Northwest before, so we cannot wait to explore the area! I thought I'd share a little "what's in my carry-on" because I'm nosy and like knowing what other people bring with them when they travel. 

If you follow me on Snapchat (@laurelizabeth4), then you've seen this backpack before. Yes, a backpack. I was reaaaal skeptical when I saw that they were coming back around to be a "cool" thing,  but I'm all about options that don't induce shoulder pain (lookin' at you, crossbody bags), so a backpack it is! I still feel a little bit like a tween when I put it on, but comfort is king and it doesn't get  much better than evenly distributed weight that isn't in your way, amiright?!

I try to keep it pretty simple in my carry-on. Only the essentials, but also some things that I may need.  We have a 4 hour and change flight, so I'm anticipating getting real bored and doing about 100 different activities. I always travel with my iPad - to read, watch a show, play games, or write things down. I've come to find that I can be really productive on planes, so I like to bring a notebook and pen, too. Headphones, a phone charger, some lip balm and hand lotion (airplanes dry out my skin like crazy), and sunglasses for when we arrive. 
Because it's going to be a pretty long flight, I like to bring along just a few makeup products to help refresh me when we get off the plane. My favorite tinted lip balm, a beauty elixir to add some moisture, concealer, bronzer, and blush to brighten up my cheeks!
I like to bring some other non-essential, but useful items. Bandaids, hairspray (#planesflattenmyhair), aspirin, Lavender essential oil to help me sleep and relax, floss, a hair tie and clip. 
I can organize all the small things into little pouches that fit perfectly into the backpack. This backpack is small but mighty - it can fit a surprising amount! 

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