It's rare that you'll find me with bare nails. It's also rare that an at-home manicure lasts more than 3 days 😑 So, it would stand to reason that I have quite a few options when it comes to nail polish colors. In the warmer months, I tend toward colors - bright pinks, royal blue, and the occasional white mani. But with cooler weather, I like warm greys, rich reds, and almost-blacks.

I prefer a lighter color on my toes, so the elephant grey and warm vanilla neutral get used quite often.  Likewise, I'm open to a bolder option for my finger nails, like a bright red, dark purple, and rich brownish grey. They all pair together really well, so I can mix and match my finger and toe colors, too. 

Do you tend to pick seasonal options for your nail color, or do you go with whatever you're feeling at the time?