Daniel Wellington Watch
Good Morning and Happy Monday to you!

As I mentioned in Friday's post, last week was a leetle bit crazy, so I was pretty quiet on the social front. BUT I'm looking forward to getting back to regular programming here and on Instagram this week. 

If you have a business, especially a retail business, you know how huge the holiday season is. It's at about this time of year that my weekends become less about 2 days off and more about 2 extra days to get work done. It's a hard transition for me, but I know it will only be this way for 4-5 weeks, so I'm pushing through and trying to enjoy the process! There are lots of exciting things coming to Elisabeth Ashlie for Black Friday and Christmas shopping! 

Most weekends, working or not, I like to do the bare minimum to myself to get by, i.e. keep showering to a need-only basis, go very light on the makeup. My recent discovery of actually liking baseball caps helps greatly in this department. Since my hair is long enough to leave down with a hat on and not look funny, I'm opting for them more than I thought I would. Paired with a striped tee, cozy sweater, and my favorite sneakers and I'm in business. 

The only problem is, now I want to wear a baseball hat everyday. Looks like I need to add another option or two to my closet!