The three keys to a 👌 winter outfit are as follows:
1. Ankle Booties
2. Structured Cardigan
3. The Perfect Oversized Scarf

If for no other reason, I love Winter in Chicago because I get to dip into my expansive scarf collection. If it's cozy, warm, and looks like it's nearly swallowing me up, then it's a winner. 

I also love a good classic, open-front cardigan. It should come as no surprise that I would pick black, but this one also comes in a snowy grey. It's nice and thick, so you stay warm and it doesn't feel frumpy at all. 

Paired with a classic tee, everyday jeans and that scarf I mentioned before, you've got yourself a winner of a Winter outfit in no time.

(These photos were taken before we got engaged, hence the empty left ring finger 😉)