mug from Elisabeth Ashlie
TGIF, am I right?! (I'm right.)
It's been a good week around these parts. I'm working on some new and really exciting things for Elisabeth Ashlie, so it's been a lot of prep work and planning. One of the things is creating and offering curated boxes for different occasions - think birthday, just because, etc. We have a Galentine's Box available right now that is SO CUTE and so perfect for your bestie, sister, favorite gal.

Speaking of Galentine's/Valentine's Day, do you guys celebrate? Mike and I are not big celebrators with things like that. He will buy me flowers or offer to take me out, but we treat it just as any other day. I'm actually really looking forward to having kids just so I can help them make their Valentine's to pass out at school and to their friends. Tell me you remember doing that! That was one of the most fun days in elementary school, to me. Especially if there was a secret love not from your crush in your little envelope ;)

I've been seeing these Nike's allllll over Instagram and thought they looked pretty (yes, I chose to order them based on them looking pretty), so I ordered them and they're nothing like what I thought they would look like. I thought they would be more of a champagne or blush color, but they're very much a tan, so I'm returning them. Anyway, just giving you a heads up...if you're looking for a solid pair of Nike's for working out AND athleisure, these are winners. I have two pair and am just waiting for them to release another color that I need to have. LIKE THAT BEAUTIFUL CORAL. (I didn't know that was an option until right now and I might be ordering them). 

Mike and I start our Marriage Prep class at our church this Sunday! I'm curious to see what the format is and if we'll be doing a specific study, etc. I have no expectations for it, but I'm looking forward to (hopefully) discovering and discussing things that will set us up for success in our marriage. And yes, it's still weird to say 'our marriage', because it's actually happening 🙊

Okay, that's enough from me. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!