Winter is far from over for plenty of us, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite items to keep warm. Working from home has many benefits, including not having to leave the house everyday. I take special advantage of this perk throughout the Winter, especially on those bitter cold days in the single digits. When I do find myself bracing the cold, you'll find me with some combination of these. 

A good pair of everyday Winter boots are essential. Those Sorel Wedges have been worn nearly everyday throughout each Winter season since I've been in Chicago. They keep my feet so warm and the built-in wedge makes them feel less clunky and snowboot-ish. And that J.Crew Parka is a classic coat that will last me for years. 

Mike and I are heading out to Utah in a couple weeks with my parents for a ski trip, so I'm already starting to think about which of these items will get packed in my suitcase for our time there. We haven't had much snow in Chicago, so I'm looking forward to (hopefully) having a wintry getaway out there!