cardigan | long sleeve | leggings | scarf | bag | boots


I'm a through and through basics girl, we all know this. I've tried to get myself to like color and pattern (that isn't black and white stripes) and I just don't feel like myself in them, most of the time. Throw some black and grey and maybe a stripe on me and I feel like I could do anything. I don't know what it is! 

Especially in the winter, I wear a lot of black and a lot of layers. Throw in some fun detailing in a bag or maybe a pink lip for a little interest, and you've got yourself a comfortable, warm, and pulled together look in total basics.

I have these exact or very similar items in my closet and they're probably my most-worn throughout the cold weather months. I love that you can switch them up a lot of ways, too. A classic striped long sleeve can be worn casual like this, tucked into a pencil skirt and paired with a statement necklace, paired with your favorite denim and some heeled booties, there are so many potential combinations.

The only real issue I have with my items like this is that I want to wear them everyday, but that might start to get weird...