Hellllllllooooooo, Friday. 
Thank you for showing your beautiful, sunny face. 

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I've been quite sick this week. My first cold of the winter hit me HARD. The kind where you feel like you always have to sneeze so you're eyes water constantly so it makes it difficult to do anything type of cold. But, I'm happy to say that I think I'm on the mend and should be back to full power next week. 

I polished my nails last night in this color again. If I had to wear one color on my nails for the rest of my life, that would be it, for sure. 

So, Gap has some of the coziest sleepwear clothes I've found. This coming from the girl who is still sleeping in Pink (by Victoria's Secret) tees from high school. Yes, you read that right. These tees are so soft and nice to sleep in. Plus, they're on sale. Treat yo'self.

I'm finally caught up on This Is Us. Are you guys watching? You should be. I can tell that they're building up to reveal Jack's fate and I am suffering from serious anticipation over here. I want to know, but I also really don't.

I need a new watch like I need another wedding to plan, but this beauty is tempting me. 

I'm going out for Mexican food with one of my girlfriends tonight, so I'm hoping the workday goes by rather quickly ;)

Hope you have a great weekend!