I'm excited to share another wedding update today! We've gotten quite a few more things accomplished, but still have a lot to do...and we're just 5 months away! I have a list of things that need to be done by the end of this month, so I'm hoping to mark a few off the list today and tomorrow, too.

We're booked our DJ and videographers, officially! We have a proposal from a caterer and all the food sounds amazing. She sent over pages and pages of options. It's actually overwhelming to look at, but so exciting to be able to think about the menu and what we will be serving that day. There are just a couple more essential vendors that need to be finalized, but we're almost done with all the really big things. 

I'm still searching for bridesmaid dresses, which has been the hardest part of the entire process, thus far. It's a summer wedding, in a more casual environment, so I'm looking for long maxi dresses. I would love to be able to find something that the girls can wear again, so I don't want it overly Bridesmaid-ish. The hardest part has been finding the stye in the color that I'm looking for. I've found quite a few styles that I really like, but they're in navy or maroon or dark colors that just wouldn't fit a Summer wedding. I ordered some that are to be delivered today, so I'm anxious to see what they're like, in person, and if they would work. I've honestly been quite surprised by how difficult it has been to find something. 

Mike and I are going shopping next week for his suit and the groomsman outfits. I'll be curious to see what color he leans towards and what styles he likes. My goal with all of these outfits for people is for everyone to feel comfortable and like what they're buying. I've heard enough from people who had to spend $200+ on something that they will never touch again, so if I can avoid that for our wedding party, I'd love to. We will see how difficult it is!

I think we're finally going to start planning our honeymoon, too! I asked for suggestions on this Instagram photo and got so many good recommendations. Now, we just need to go through them, do a bit of our own research, and turn it over to our travel agent to do the planning (more on that to come). 

This month, I need to:
- confirm hotel details for out-of-town guests, including transportation
- start looking at invitation options
- finalize rehearsal dinner details
- look for a bakery for wedding cake (!!!)
- pull the trigger on Bridal Party wear
- (and probably other things I'm forgetting)

In the photo, these beautiful lace espadrilles for the Honeymoon and this leather passport case!

P.S. How do you like the new digs around here?!