Winter travel is always a bit more difficult because it typically requires bulkier items, like chunky knits, outerwear, and boots. My suitcase is always heavy and filled to the brim. Going on a ski trip is a little different, because I wear virtually the same thing everyday while skiing, so there are fewer outfits to have to think through and plan. However, there are other things to think about, like bringing extra moisturizers, so that my skin doesn't flake off from being so dang dry

I always have a lip balm with me because the thought of dry lips really stresses me out. In the winter months, I add a small tube of hand moisturizer to my carry-on, too. I wash my hands a lot (hello, germs in an airport/airplane) so they get super dry. 

I make sure to load my iPad with a movie or TV show and the latest book that I'm reading. When Mike and I travel together, we download the same things, so that we can watch it together, but on our own devices. We tried the whole headphone sharing thing where each person gets one earbud, but he listens to things at about 10 decibels higher than I can handle, so we quickly discovered this other method. Also, wireless on-ear headphones are SO handy on airplanes. They drown out some of the outside noise and you don't have to mess with cords getting in the way while you're trying to re-adjust in the seat. Plus, if that white and gold is pretty chic. 

I like to dress comfortable to travel - you can usually find me in leggings and my favorite sneakers in the airport. In the winter, I add a scarf, for both the traveling to the airport, as well as staying warm on the plane (it's always so cold!). 

Leather goods are in abundance around here these days, so I pack all the smaller things into pouches and bags so that they're organized and don't get lost. Floss, tissues, gum, extra hair ties, you name it, it goes in a cute leather bag.

I toss is all in my suitcase and I'm ready to go! On the topic of travel, I was looking at my calendar the other day and realized that I will be traveling as least once a month from now until after the wedding. Holy. Cow. The next several months really are going to fly by!