Wardrobe basics are my love language. I've considered doing a "capsule wardrobe" so many times, but then I go to my closet to pick out my clothes and realize that I'm pretty much always operating on a capsule wardrobe. I get a lot of use out of a small amount of items and almost all of them can be worn together, hence capsule wardrobe. I would be curious to see if I'm able to put together an outfit faster without the distraction of all the other things in my closet. Also, when am I going to learn that I just don't like wearing color that much and should stop buying it?

We've had a few warm days here that have hinted at Spring, so I'm in that mode. I'm ready to pack away my boots and puffy coat, oversized sweaters and tall socks. Mostly, I'm just tired of wearing the same few things but won't allow myself to buy anymore winter clothes. So, we're in a tweener stage. I can pull out my spring-ier things, like a chambray shirt, but still have to layer a heavy cardigan over it so I don't freeze.

This, right here, is the dream outfit for this time of year. Simple and casual, but still warm and put together. Really, any outfit that involves leggings is a winner in my book.