After traveling for over a week, I could go for a nice, slow morning in bed. Mike and I flew to Northern Virginia last Thursday evening. We stayed there through Monday, when he flew back to Chicago to work and I drove down to Raleigh to hang with my sister and nephews for the week. I'm flying back to Chicago this morning. 

We were in Virginia to scope out some neighborhoods because we'll be moving there at the end of the summer! We've known about this officially for a few months, but it feels good to share the news! Mike will be starting a masters program, so we will be there for a couple years. We're both excited for the adventure and to live in a new place together. It's going to be a whirlwind summer - we'll be getting married, honeymooning and moving all within about a month. I have a feeling we're going to crash in September, but I'm looking forward to all of the exciting changes coming! 

We got so many good recommendations on places in VA, too, which has added to our excitement! We're looking in the Leesburg and Fairfax areas, but will just have to wait to see what is available closer to when we're looking to move. 

In completely unrelated news, I ordered this bath caddy tray and am so excited. I love taking baths, especially in the winter, and am looking forward to having a spot to hold my wine, candle and iPad (for reading). 

I've been reading The Couple Next Door for literal months (I go through phases of really enjoying reading and then completely forgetting about it), but am back into it and it's getting very good. If you like suspenseful, dramatic books, I'd recommend it!