High Five for Friday

what is it?
High Five for Friday is a weekly link-up hosted here at Lauren Elizabeth. it's a chance to reflect on your week and remember some (five, to be exact) of your favorite things about it. it can be as simple as enjoying your morning coffee, or as crazy as finding out you won the lottery. which, let's be honest, if i won the lottery, i probably wouldn't be spending my time blogging. i would most definitely be at Kate Spade spending way too much money. but, that's not relevant right now.

how can i participate?
simply write your own H54F post on your blog. share 5 of your favorite things from the past week, and include some pictures, if you'd like! then, hop on over to my blog and "link up". that's all there is to it.

why should i participate?
it's a great way to get to know other bloggers! and, it's one less post you have to plan for that week. which, in my experience, is pretty great.

what should i do with the button?
you can add the button below to your H54F post, which will let people know that you linked up! if you don't want to add the button, just link to my blog at the end of your post, with something like: "linking up with Lauren for H54F today!"

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

p.s. please only link up if you've written your own H54F post! although i don't want to have to do this, i have removed links that were unrelated to H54F in the past.


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